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September 20, 2006

Soccer, Game 2

Had the second game of the tournament today at lunchtime. We had another 0-0 draw, this time against Zaimu (Finance Department.) Overall I thought we played pretty well -- better than last time anyway. The main problem was that we were playing seven aside on less than half a normal field, which makes it pretty crowded, and we didn’t have enough room to move the ball around. In addition to that, none of our long passes were hitting their targets. It was the same for the other team as well. We pretty much just slugged it out in the middle of the pitch for the whole 30 minutes.

We have two games to go, and we probably need to win both of them to have a chance of making it to the next round.

I will head back to Osaka this evening. Should be there for the next three weeks or so until I have a set of experimental shifts again.

Iwabuchi takes a kick in.

Discussion after the game.


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