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September 16, 2006

Fun Few Weeks

Everything’s been going great recently. I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks, with a few days R&R thrown in as well. I haven’t posted anything in ages, but I’ve got a mountain of drafts sitting almost ready to go.

I popped back to KEK late August for a few meetings. We had the whole Osaka group up here, including the new first-year grad students, for the first time. It was supposed to be a group study session, but Hara san (our advisor at Osaka) found a rock climbing gym, so we all headed out for a day of bouldering, and then stopped for steak and beers on the way back.

The next day was the annual KEK open house, so we took the chance to go and have a look at all the other experiments here we never normally get the chance to see.

After finishing with the last summer school in Nagano last month, I was asked to help with organizing the summer school for Osaka University. This is a three-day/two-night trip to somewhere nearby for the HEP theory/experiment groups, nuclear physics theory/experiment groups, cosmology, astrophysics, and space science theory/experiment groups, and the experimental laser fusion group. I popped back to Kyoto/Osaka from the lab here earlier this month to help with organizing the program and to attend. Good fun.

Over the last week we had a Belle Analysis Meeting (BAM), which are normally held every couple of months or so, and where everyone presents their results to get approval from the rest of the experiment before publication. After that, on Wednesday and Thursday, there was the conference on B Physics and New Measurements (BNM), and I got roped into helping with odd jobs there as well, including helping the visitors set up their wireless connections, and running around with the mikes during the question sessions at the end of each talk.

The KEK soccer tournament started a couple of days ago, and the Belle Football Club drew our first game against the Shisetsu (Plant and Facilities Department) team. They were supposed to be one of the stronger competitors, so it wasn’t a bad start to the tournament. Got up early this morning and went for a run as well, for the first time in ages. I did two laps around the accelerator (6.6km) in 28’30”, which is not too far off a new PB.

Anyway, back to work. From today we (actually Nara Women’s University) are hosting Belle Plus at KEK. It is a program aimed at high school students, where they will have the chance to come up here for a long weekend and see what we do, and get the chance to play around with the detector and software a little bit. I am the class supervisor for the software group, and am basically in charge of showing them around, answering their questions, and just generally getting them organized for the next three days. We start in an hour or so, but the kids are piling into the cafeteria for lunch as I type. When this is finished I have the second game of the soccer tournament on Wednesday, and then I’ll head back to Osaka for a few months concentrated effort on the analysis. I have been working on it for three months already and am making only very slow progress. Apart from two weeks worth of shifts after the detector starts up for the Autumn run, I should be pretty much focused on getting it finished.

Updates from the last few weeks will appear gradually over the next few days as I get a bit more free time.


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