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August 09, 2006

Home Again

All finished. The second lecture from Tanaka-san was this morning, and most of the HEP experiment students headed back together after lunch. HEP theory and the nuclear physics students still have one more day, but we finished early because there were less of us. Actually, the organizers were talking about trying to get a lot more students, double or so, for the next year.

Just on the train back from Nagano to Nagoya at the moment. It’s a really nice trip. It heads up through the mountains in SW Nagano prefecture and then through Gifu I think.

It has been a full on five days. The lectures and talks by the other students were all really interesting. I wanted to write everything up before I forget, but I’m a bit tired and can’t spit out anything coherent at the moment. I had a really great time. Learnt lots as well, and even managed to get through the week without sleeping through any lectures, unlike the last time two years ago. I think that's actually quite an achievement, given the compulsory socialising over beers until about 3AM or 4AM every morning. Absolutely buggered though, will post a summary and a few photos over the weekend.

Thanks to Kuwabara from Tokyo for organising the high energy physics experiment session. He did a great job rounding everyone up, arranging the lectures and drinks and just generally making sure everyone had a good time. Huge success. Cheers mate.


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