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July 12, 2006

Stunning Victory

Just had the KEK relay yesterday evening. Each team consists of five people who run the same 2km course, and a total of 11 teams from the various experiments and subgroups in KEK took part. I was in one of the two teams from the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Sciences (IPNS).

Our team won overall with a time of 36’47". Second place was General Administration Department A, who were 59” behind, and third was the Computer Science Centre team at 2’26”. I overtook three others and got the award for fastest in the third leg (7’07”), and Sekiguchi from our team was fastest in the fourth leg (7’21”) as well.

It turned out to be a really good day. We weren’t too confident going into the race, but everyone was stoked with the result. We should have more or less the same team next year as well, so we’ll have to go for the hattrick.

IPNS A (red bibs) and IPNS B (white bibs). Before ...

... and after.


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