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June 12, 2006

ILC School Update

More news from the ILC school. There is a nice article about it on the net, with quotes from the organizers and some of the students who took part (I’m not in there though.) It seems like all the students were fairly unanimous on the homework situation, and I think the organizers got the message. Otherwise it sounds like the reception from the students was fairly good. As an aside, we got our homework results back. I made the top half, which I’m pretty happy with. Not bad for my first crack at accelerator physics, but next time a bit more preparation and study might be a good idea.

In other news, between all of us taking part in the school we managed to eat too much at the buffet, and the hotel had to ask us to pay extra for breakfast and dinner each day. How did this happen? This is the first time I’ve heard of anyone eating too much at an all you can eat buffet and being asked to pay extra (although I remember having to pay extra for drinking too much at an all you can drink pub a few years back, but that’s slightly different.) On that note, I thought I’d start an informal poll to get everyone’s opinion:

Q. Why did we eat too much at the buffet?
a) Because we were mainly foreigners.
b) Because we were mainly students.
c) Because we were mainly physicists.
d) All of the above.
e) Other?

I feel a little bad about the stereotypes, but I’m drawing a blank on any other possible reasons. Suggestions welcome.


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