Kiwi Particle Physicist

May 12, 2006


Spent Wednesday through Friday taking an intensive course at Osaka. I have to take two of these to get the credits I need to graduate, so I’ll try to nail them both this year.

The talk was about the discovery potential of the LHC, the new 27km circumference super-collider being assembled at the moment at CERN in France/Switzerland.

It was aimed at master’s course and doctor’s course theorists, so some of it was a bit over my head. It was still a worthwhile lecture to take though. I have the ILC school next week, so much of the physics background will come in handy.

Overall the physics was very interesting. If the Higgs boson exists with the properties predicted by the standard model, then we should have conclusive evidence for it by 2010 at the latest. Will be an exciting next few years.


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