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May 07, 2006

Golden Week

Well, it's been a fairly good Golden Week holiday. My birthday was last Wednesday, which is a problem most years because it is the first day of GW and if I try to go out anywhere the public transport is completely packed. This year Mrs. Physicist and I decided to take it easy, and just made a picnic lunch and headed down to Kyoto Gosho, the old Imperial Palace. The weather was brilliant, and surprisingly there was hardly anybody there. Later on we headed out to a nice restaurant near Kiyomizu Temple for dinner. There were no crowds anywhere, and it was a good day all around.

On Thursday we went out to Kameoka, about 20 minutes West of Kyoto by train, and then went hiking along the Hozu river and up through the mountain ranges. It was only a few of hours, but the scenery was amazing. Again, it was great weather, and other than a group of four on mountain bikes we didn’t see anyone the whole way.

Unfortunately I left the camera at uni so I didn’t get any photos all weekend. Must remember for next time. Good break, but I have to get back to work again this week. I have meetings to prepare for on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, lectures Wednesday through Friday, then up to the lab for another weeklong on-call shift Friday evening. Should be the last time until after summer I hope.


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